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Introducing DevHeart

Introducing DevHeart

Hello and welcome to DevHeart, a blog about web development.

My name is Viktor Persson and I’ll be running this blog together with my brother Martin Persson. Some of you might have seen me under the name “Arcsin” (my small web agency) or encountered one of my free website designs somewhere on the web.

The goal with DevHeart is to provide high quality articles that are easy to follow and understand, supported by practical examples and references.

We will mainly focus on the following topics:

  • Web Development
  • Website Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Web Usability

We’ll try to cover as many areas as possible and also vary the degree of difficulty. If you have any suggestions for articles/topics, feel free to send them to “viktor [at] devheart [dot] org“.

For minor posts and updates, check out DevHeart on Twitter.

Have fun!


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  • Jakub Konecki


    Where’s RSS feed – I can’t find it ;-(

    Looking forward to your posts – hope they will be as good as your templates ;-)

    • Hi and welcome =)

      I just noticed that I had forgot to include the RSS feed (now added).

  • Jakub Konecki

    Subscribed – cheers!

  • Cool! Added to my reader… love your themes!

  • I also Love your themes!
    I paid for the one on (Website down / outdated)

  • I love your themes … particularly because of your thorough design philosophy. I’m curious if you’ll be getting into frameworks (child themes) for WP?

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